Freud, Love & Fathers
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Freud, Love & Fathers

The other day I had met a dear friend of mine for dinner. I adore her and I am always guaranteed to leave the table feeling like I’ve learnt something completely new. I was telling her about a friend whose relationships kept breaking down because no man could live up to her father. She returned my story with one about a friend  … Continue reading

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The Last Card.

I have felt nervous about this, picking the last card has also gone along with knowing that I’m reaching an ending; a goodbye. The project begun from my desire to know more about the tarot cards with the final outcome being the knowledge to do a reading. What I didn’t expect was an introspective journey and … Continue reading

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Five of Cups returns. Reversed.

I’ve almost completed my 78 days on this project and  the cards are returning. Reversed. The Five of  Cups has appeared twice before and today was its third. The card is about Regret and Loss but reversed it signals a recovery from regret and an acceptance from the past. I certainly feel a sense of calm, that feels new  … Continue reading

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The Chariot Returns!

The Chariot returned to me a few days ago. Flung itself back. Reversed.  I often get the same cards but this was the one I last wrote about and there it was in my hands again. Holding it, I felt Guilt begin to point its finger at me. I hadn’t done any ‘real’ thinking about The Chariot … Continue reading

My Chariot
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My Chariot

 Immersed in Darkness, I had no choice but to seek the Light, Slowly and painfully I crawled away,  I stood and inched forward. ‘Gold’ tapped me on my shoulder, ‘Come back’ It glimmered. ‘Go’ I whispered and I walked on. Greed blocked my path and beckoned me back ‘Go’ I said and increased my pace. ‘Deception’ … Continue reading