The Singing Saints
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The Singing Saints

We were leaving behind the excited chaos of family life in Lahore and on our way to my mother’s village. Stories of Galawaal had been weaved into our young lives, and we knew that my grandfather had owned much land there. My mother would talk of drivers holding up hordes of passengers as her family … Continue reading

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My daughter, you look exquisite adorned in red I’m dripping in the murder of Me We’ve bought you the most expensive gold necklace It chokes me, burns into my skin. I am on display. I am sold. Look, the henna decorated onto your hands. So pretty – the perfect shade of red. This blood it … Continue reading

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Within the Ten of Cups I see Home.

It hasn’t been long since I pulled the Ten of Cards out: And once again I beamed with happiness at its image. I kept the card close to me as I drove to work and thought about the happy couple, their carefree children, all their dreams coming true but this time my eyes kept … Continue reading

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The Queen of Cups arrives and I am left smiling

The Queens are beckoning me and this time the Queen of Cups knocks at my door. ‘The Queen of Cups is nurturing, caring, compassionate and sensitive. She is a good wife and a loving mother as she is emotionally secure and can connect on an emotional level with others. She is admired for her fairness … Continue reading

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Cautiously, I celebrate the Nine of Pentacles.

‘This is more like a vision of what I aspire to be rather  than a Reality’, were my first thoughts on seeing the card. A graceful and serene lady stands in a courtyard in the midst of luscious nature with her nine pentacles. She has on her arm a falcon which sits calmly symbolising her accomplished intellectual and spiritual … Continue reading

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The Lovers… (Relationship. Individual values. Desire)

15th August 1947… I’m asleep on my bed and wake up to an announcement from the mosque. I’m confused. It’s not time for prayer and it’s not the Imam’s voice that I hear. I keep still and listen closely. It’s an English man’s voice and he’s telling all the Muslims to leave India and travel … Continue reading