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 This is a project about Life, Love and the Stories that weave them together. The idea was born from my experiences during a particularly difficult time in my life. I found I gained strength when people would share their stories with me; tell me about what happened to them and although that didn’t solve my problems it certainly made me feel that I wasn’t alone. They weren’t carefully crafted stories that were handed to me but just stories that were spoken – raw and real. And so,  I believe that we are all story tellers and each one of us has a story worth telling. They may be inspirational, painful, uplifting, entertaining or, if we’ve hidden them away, silent.  But I do also believe that while we live our stories, we  continue to live our lives. And for most of us it’s how we colour our stories that helps us create our own kaleidoscope through which we view our worlds.Thus, I can be both aware of the cries of my past but enjoy the Beauty of my present. I am a story catcher and I hope I can catch some of the stories in this blog, as well as capture the Colour and Beauty that individualises our kaleidoscope of Life.

Not to share our stories would be to keep butterflies in a jar. Some things need to be released and shared.

Please email me on: leila0arts@gmail.com if you would like to share your story/ showcase you work too, or use the form below:

62 thoughts on “About & Contact

  1. Thanks for this blog. It’s really beautiful– I think one of the biggest purposes in life is in sharing experiences and drawing inspiration from others’ stories. If you are willing, I would like to share my story with your readers.

    • Thank you for your comment and I agree with you completely- that it is so important to share experiences and draw inspiration from others. I would really love it if you shared your story! My email address is : leila0arts@gmail.com. I look forward to sharing your story and thank you again .

  2. “Not to share our stories would be to keep butterflies in a jar. Some things need to be released and shared.”

    How beautiful, I look forward to seeing the beautiful flutter and feeling the effects as the stories are released x

  3. Charming post.Each one of us is unique,Every story helps to see the other side.We are story tellers ,hoping the others will benefit from it.Thank you for liking my post ( Knowledge ,time,money.) greetings.jalal

  4. Nice blog. Also came here to Thank you for liking the guest post on RANTS which had my photos. Since I’m beginner at photography, really appreciate it.

  5. So interesting and true. I immediately thought of a dreamcatcher, which I love and collect. And while dreamcatchers catch bad dreams, the principle is still the same to a degree. Very interesting too, since both my blogs deal with telling a story, just different ones and in different ways. Thanks for liking my post!

  6. Hi Leila, I have found your site to be an amazing place and have appreciated it for what it has given me as an enjoyable, learning and heartfelt place. For that I would like to present you with the Versatile Bloggers Award. To accept this award please click on my link in this comment and go to the Awards post on the Home page. At the bottom of the post it will give you instructions on how to accept the award. I have checked to make sure you did not have instructions that you were no longer accepting awards but if I have missed this please accept my apologies. Otherwise thank you again for the sharing of your site, I follow it as I like and relate to the gift of your writing very much. Namaste

    • Dear Mark,

      Thanky ou very much for your kind words and nomination. I am very humbled by your associations with my blog! I don’t accept words mainly because I never have time to pass them on. I do feel a little cheeky though, because I now have your lovely words and theoretical awards 🙂

      • My pleasure, and you deserve both, your site is a wonder with it’s variety of topics and the beauty in how you can bring pen to paper (well, electronically anyway 🙂 ). May there always be that magic here. Namaste

  7. You just caught another one here 🙂 What a truly inspirational post about you, I’m honored you shared it with me. Thanks for liking my post and visiting my blog Leila,your place here is home now for me too.

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