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A Weekend Visit to Copenhagen

‘Hygge’ is what drew me to Copenhagen. The Danish word which has no direct equivalent in English, encompassing a feeling of cosiness, intimacy, friends, family and being present.  As the long winter nights have begun to settle into London I was eager to see how the Danes managed it.

On Friday I flew out to Copenhagen with Rebecca. The journey from London was as chaotic and stressful as you can imagine. My uber driver cancelled two minutes away from my house, and getting to Heathrow through the mad dash of traffic was enough to make me run back home but I did it, toddler in tow, I managed to get onto the aeroplane and as Rebecca screamed at the new ear-popping sensation, I found myself next to a lovely Danish mother. She was supportive and kind – not letting me feel guilty for a moment and even held my bag, went with me through to passport control and waited until my luggage arrived.

I had definitely left London behind.

Hygge was beautifully around me in this pretty city. For breakfast we found a cute Danish cafe called ‘The next door cafe’ which made the most delicious pancakes, chai lattes and fresh juices. The waiter cheerfully squeezed us onto a table with six others, I noticed that the there were no overhead lights but lamps and candles were lit, even in the day time. All the tables had flowers on them which seemed to be a common theme of hygge. Even my toddler, who is often overwhelmed by strangers, was calmer in this environment.

Copenhagen is a beautiful and calming city. I will definitely be looking to bring more hygge into my life. If only to stop and be grateful for the small things.

Where we had breakfast: Next Door Cafe


Sights we visited: Museum of Copenhagen


Tivoli Gardens:


The Hotel we stayed in: Kong Fredrick


Click here to learn more about hygge

There are some incredible books to read about how to bring hygge into your home and life.  Click on the images to find out more about them:

10 thoughts on “A Weekend Visit to Copenhagen

  1. This looks and sounds like an absolute blast!! 🤗. Your pictures are amazing, too! You capture the essence, such that I feel like I’m right there with you. Isn’t it funny how the English language seems to be so limited, in that there are so many cool concepts that English doesn’t have a single-word equivalent for? I’ve noticed that a lot. Thank you for introducing me to a new word!! 💜💙

  2. I will have to create more hygge in my life Leila 😀
    And it seems that your description of ‘being present’ sums it up nicely, a way of being that life seems to block out.
    Glad you had a lovely ‘hygge’, to find yourself and in appreciation of that discovery add it a little more happiness to your life 😀
    Great to hear your voice and the sharing of a beautiful place. Your photo’s and links show the culture nicely, thank you ❤

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