A cafe with a garden, please…

When Rebecca was born, S and I started to have similar dreams. In the early hours of the morning, eyes exhausted with the desperation for more sleep and bodies yearning to return to bed, we would mumble our dream to the other.

‘I dreamt last night our house had an extra room which I never knew about.’ he said

‘Me too!’ I replied. ‘ I dreamt there was a room at the back of our bedroom.’

We kept dreaming about finding rooms in familiar places. Why? I guess while our lives had taken such a dramatic change we needed places to stay the same but we also needed them to have extra space which accommodated our new life. Favourite restaurants had become out of bounds, friends were too far to get to and we couldn’t find anywhere in London we could hang out with a baby anymore. No space was right and we were too tired to venture into the unknown.

So, imagine our delight when we discovered a local cafe perfect for a baby/toddler in tow. Sarah’s Cafe is located in Harrow on the Hill, London, and has what is needed with a little one – a garden with picnic benches and incredible food. There are high chairs; lego and teddies to keep little hands occupied in pretty surroundings. S and I can enjoy tea and scones with cream and strawberry jam, whilst Rebecca can eat from the kids menu. But our particular favourite is an English roast dinner on Sundays. Traditional deliciousness, giving us a much needed hug around our tummies. The garden space is safe and enclosed so Rebecca can run around without us having to run after her. The only down side I would say is that there’s no baby changing area and this can be a bit tricky. Remember to keep a changing mat on you!

The autumnal weather in London has been quite warm so far but it does feel like there’s only a few of these days left. Local cafes with newly discovered outdoor spaces are a dream come true, and we intend to use them until the winter weather drives us back indoors dreaming of restaurants with extra rooms and homes with undiscovered secret spaces.

6 thoughts on “A cafe with a garden, please…

  1. Hi! Your writing is so engaging. Glad I found your blog after your visit to mine. It is so good when you find a toddler friendly space, isn’t it? It’s like getting back a little bit of your pre child life, but with a happy and occupied child in tow 😊

  2. A baby changes your life indeed. We are now in the grandparent stage, with an 18 months old grandson by Daughter#1. The little devil reminds me of the Duracell bunny. Never stops. 😉
    I wonder how we will fare as we will all travel together to Asia in December.
    But then, in the “South”, people (restaurants for instance) are far more lenient on toddlers than Europeans. 🙂

    • Congratulations on your first grandson! It must be lovely being a grandparent. That’s so nice travelling together. And yes, I find Asia is much easier with children…so different to London. Happy travelling!

      • Shukriya… 😉 Babies, children are a blessing. I love the way they “learn” the world every second. I imagine you still have family “back home”? Uncles? Cousins?

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