Love / Poetry / Self Help / voice / Woman / Words that only poetry can say


Does it bother you?

That I care not for the hatred in your voice.

Does it frustrate you?

That I see not the envy in you eyes.

I am more than you know

And you do not know me.

I have risen out of my Past

And rooted myself in my hand sculpted Present

You can not understand me

I speak the language of every Emotion

And I choose to reside in Love

So I return your

 Hate, Anger, Envy

I return the weakness of your Spirit.

 I live with my Choices

And I choose to move with

Light and Peace.

My Loves,

I choose to move with you.

16 thoughts on “Choice

      • I hope it’s working for you.. I learned that it is possible to purposefully direct thoughts away from the negative. Yet, there are days when it is a hard struggle to do so. I too throw it into a poem or two..

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