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For the Love of Friendship

I found myself needing to phone a friend the other day. Life was a little grey and I needed some sunshine; so that’s what I did. I phoned a friend. I rang S explaining my current state and before I had even put the phone down I heard the screech of brakes outside my530815_10152398027305596_1859505256_n apartment. “Darling, I’m here…” she sang as she  walked in wearing her fur coat and boots. Regardless of the situation S dresses glamorous for it. I love that. “Let’s talk.” And that’s what we did. I’ve known S since I was 15 and during the years we’ve seen each other through  the heartache and laughter of life; as well as some questionable fashion choices… We sat down at the kitchen table and cradled our mugs of coffee as we talked. And I settled back into the heart of what reminds me how beautiful life can be. A friend who will turn up and listen, and without needing to explain will feel the silent ache of your soul. But it’s not all about the serious stuff , it’s the comfort of  that kind nod of understanding.

“People might see me as nice.”I said “But I know I can be a bitch.”

“That’s because there’s no pretence about who you are. You’ve always known you.”S promptly replied.

And I smiled. True or not – she got it and we were both 15 again . Me indulging in my teenage angst and S, cool and collected, just putting it right with the perfect throwaway comment.

Friendship – one of Life’s great loves.


15 thoughts on “For the Love of Friendship

  1. There’s that old saying to the effect that “you can pick your friends but you’re stuck with family” … I’ve been lucky with both. Take comfort: You Get The Friends You Deserve.

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