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Friday Magic


The rough blue stone that I am holding is one of my most precious important stones. It is called Turquoise and is one of the oldest protection amulets and helps form a strong connection to the spirit world. Its tradition is to be given to you by a loving friend and when it is (as it was to me) the stone protects you from negative energy, brings peace to your home and symbolises friendship.

I love this stone and the magic it brings to me. It is so unique because it takes on the characteristics of its owner and thus, I find I have this stone near to me almost all the time. I often like to just hold it and run my finger around its rough edges; making me feel calmer and more peaceful. I also find it harnesses creativity and so I like to hold it in the centre of my palm while I’m thinking.

A beautiful blue stone that I love. My bit of Friday Magic to share.

4 thoughts on “Friday Magic

  1. I used to have a ton of Turquoise jewelry back in the 80s. I would have needed a metric ton of it to have brought peace to my home back then but it’s neat to hear more about it from you. Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • I think this shows that it’s not the stone that makes the difference it’s essentiallly the ability to change your own circumstances. I hope your home is full of peace and love now and I wish you more of it as 2013 approaches..

  2. I don’t know much about stones or spirits but I do know what I like, and Spouse has given me many stones over the years. Especially I love Tiger Eyes, and malachite; I find amethysts relaxing and there’s some very colourful things whose name I’ve long forgotten. I still have some gorgeous quartz crystals and an almost clear crystal ball. Sadly I don’t relate to all the New Age babble about them, but I do love fondling my collection and simply holding them for a while. Turquoise I don’t have (Spouse does_and she adores amber, even though strictly speaking it isn’t a stone. She almost thumped me once when I said a rock was gneiss and told her I’d give her the chert off my back …

    • I love amber too and it sounds like you’ve got a wonderful collection. I do agree with you, it’s not always about the stories that others place on them but the feelings they evoke in you and your own associations with them. Turqouise was given to me by a loving friend and I associate it with Love and Friendship which makes me happy. I think it’s about the stories we entwine into them and the symbols they then then become. The power is always ours…
      Tigers Eye has always been a favourite of mine too 🙂

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