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Silently, I gaze into my mirror

My face bare, looking back at me

I look at the outline of my features,

the familiar moles, the shape of my lips,

And smile.

I am Quiet

Laid out in front of me are my pots of colour,

ebony khol, brushes and bright liquids

I am captured by their Art, the magic that they bring.

The flame from my candle dances among them

In a trance I begin to delicately paint my face

Each pot, each liquid fixing a spell,

Transforming myself for the night of

dancing, laughing, talking,

Reveling in the attention that my mask brings

Bewitched strangers enchanted but

No one lifting the veil

And when I return I shall sit in front of this same mirror

and remove my Colours

And staring back at me will be  You again

All of You.

The History, the Sadness, the Fear

In your naked eyes

No sound

No laughter

No movement

No dancing

Just You.


4 thoughts on “Entranced.

  1. I really enjoyed this piece. Anyone good at applying make up can make themselves look attractive but it’s a much harder art working on one’s character. You have managed to capture the essence of what makes a truly spellbinding person. This is what I look for in my models – depth, emotion, experience of life, which renders them fascinating. Thank you for a superb blog!

  2. Thank you, Harriet for your really lovely words and an insight into what you look for with your models.I love that you look for more than the surface but want their essence to capture their beauty. This is why I’m so entranced by your art x

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