One Lovely Blog Award…hurrah!

I’ve just been nominated for a Lovely Blog award by the very lovely Laura and the very wonderful Harriet whose blog posts I very much enjoy reading:


In order to accept there are 3 rules. Firstly, I need to thank the blogger who nominated me. Secondly, I need to write 7 random things about myself:

1. I wake up at 5 am every morning to read the newspapers and have a coffee before my boys wake up.

2. I spent 3 years looking for a belly dancing course that runs on a Friday and finally found one. The belly dancing teacher told me off in the first session.

3. I had a tattoo done because I thought the night before it would be a good idea. I still have to cover my wrist in front of my parents.

4. When I was little I read every fiction book in the local library.

5. I carry crystals in my bra, usually a rose quartz.

6. I can hula hoop for 15 minutes.

7. I love hearts and have them all around my house. They make me so happy!

Thirdly, I need to nominate other bloggers (up to 15) for the award:






Thank your for sharing your wonderful work. It brightens my day x

9 thoughts on “One Lovely Blog Award…hurrah!

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    • Thank you, Jon. That’s really lovely of you to say that. I really do enjoy your work. It’s depth has always really stood out to me. I’m also so pleased to have been responsible for your interest in tarot:)

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