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You find me fascinating,

I know you’re watching me.

I’m laughing and you move closer,

You’re taking me in.

The curve of my hips; the fragility of my waist

You want to touch my thick, black  hair

My incandescent fertility  transformed into your raging lust

I smile. I’m inviting you closer

You like my dark khol smudged eyes

You find me Exotic

I hold your gaze. I read your thoughts.

You look away and when you look up I’m smiling at you, teasingly.

Come closer

Stand close to me so you can smell my sweet scent


Can you hear it?


Come. Enter my thoughts.

Can you hear it?

That’s my Scream.

I’m screaming

Louder and Louder

Sounds so loud they’re colliding

Come. Hold me.


You scare easily, my love

You haven’t placed your hand on my breasts yet

Underneath lies my bleeding heart.

Parveen Babi

Parveen Babi depicted in these photographs was a 1970s actress known for her incredible beauty. However, she had a very tragic life and suffered with mental illness, spent time in a mental asylum in America and died alone and unrecognizable as the woman above.

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