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Death blows Life into Me.

A small fragile seed planted within a well of Darkness

Tossed around by Pain , Sorrow, Confusion.

The seed so small embeds itself, keeps itself Safe.

The seed with a pulse, beats with Love

It defies the Darkness and begins to grow,

expanding, no mirror to show masks.

It grows, my Soul.

The seed grows out of the Darkness

and despite the sea of tears…

As it grows it gently pushes out Grief and Pain and becomes Stronger.

The seed still beating with Love blocks out Nightmare.

Courageous;  Alive.



Look up

Life embraces so softly  and you are New

A transition.

The past, a Story waiting to be told.

Dandelion seeds (achenes) can be carried long ...

The Card I picked last night was Death which is a fantastic card about transformation and changes. It’s about the letting go of baggage and the purging of negativity. I love this but I was left with the question as to how one can relinquish demons that disappear and appear at their own will? I thought about myself and all my friends who are going through transitions at present. Who are bravely revisiting difficult memories in order to understand themselves better in their present. I have a profound admiration for them because this is  an exhausting process. The Card implies they are within a transition and I look forward to embracing them on the other side. The seed within you beats full of Love and Promise.

Tarot card from the Rider-Waite tarot deck, al...

41 thoughts on “Death blows Life into Me.

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  2. Reading this work on ‘Death blows Life into Me’ shows a great insight into the transformation process – ‘seed grow out of the Darkness despite the sea of tears’ That is a powerful thought. Despite the great sorrows we encounter, they may also be great opportunities for profound change.

    I saw you recently liked my “Queen of Crows” poem and work. I struggle with som of these concepts within that piece as well. Trying to understand the nature of a souls transition into greater dimensions of truth and reality.

    Thanks for your work.


    • Thank you and I agree with you about how sorrow brings profound change, almost like the opportunity for rebirth.
      I was drawn to your piece ‘Queen of crows’ because the boundaries between the Physical and Spiritual and Reality and Illusion. I liked how my perception of the ‘crow’ kept changing to from a woman to fear to our inner thoughts. t’s a beautiful poem… thank you for sharing your poem and thoughts

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  4. Fabulous poem,deep meanings.l appreciate your liking my post.Wishing you happiness through out the holidays season and beyond.jalal

  5. No matter how deep the tears make the sea of sorrows, hope is my inspiration for a better tommorow..some of my parts are broken and needs repairs but over all condition is satisfaction in transition :))

  6. Hi insideout80. A very nice poem.There is a fine line between life and death. Thank you for calling by and liking my poem ‘Revenge’. The Foureyed Poet.

    • I’m sorry for your loss and I hope you’re ok. I can only imagine the pain that must be felt from losing a parent. I’m glad you liked the poem and I remember the piece you wrote about how you felt when your father had passed away. It touched me so deeply, such a heatfelt and beautiful post.

  7. l appreciate your beautiful reply.Thank you for keeping in touch.Respect and greetings.jalal

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