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‘But you don’t have to go from one place to another’

(a boy living between two homes says to his mother, aged 11)

“Your Life should have began as a blank canvas.

Where your loved ones painted beautiful colours for you to grow in,

We should have taken care

We didn’t.

The Colours faded and the canvas cracked


Its crevices filled with tears from your innocent eyes

Watching. Not understanding. Only feeling.

I’m sorry, my Love

The choices of my parents discoloured your canvas,

My horrors seeped into your painting

I have tried to keep you safe

Tried to recreate the existence of my Womb around your World,

I have failed.

But not completely. I love you so deeply

You are loved by two – Separated.

You will become more than anyone I know.

Darling, for you Life lives

It grows outside of the canvas

Its colours dance around you,

Merging, joining, singing…

I hear you

And even when eyes are filled with tears; when my heart aches

at the trials at the start of your innocent Life

I rejoice in the Beauty of your existence.

You are my boy,

The Life that tells me Love lives”.


The above poem was written in response to my son when I asked him if the divorce was easier for him to manage now that a few years had passed and he was settled into a routine with regular visits to his dad.

fleurs magiques (magic flowers)

fleurs magiques (magic flowers) (Photo credit: patrice-photographiste)

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